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Cat & Dog

We have three rooms full of dog and cat beds in our second storey display area, with such a variety of different types, colours, and sizes you will find it hard to decide which one to buy. What ever your budget we are sure we have something for everyone.


The oval slumber range of beds start from a size 18” and go right up to a size 40”, some of the fabrics available are suede, faux fur, fleece, cotton, and waterproof. Most are easy to wash and come with a removable insert.


The more traditional fibre filled duvet type beds come in several thicknesses and sizes, most have removable covers for easy washing. We also have mattresses that not only fit into the different sizes of crates/cages but can also be used as a bed in its own right, theses mostly come made out of the fleece material. You can also buy Vetbed by the metre or in pre cut pieces, with over 5 designs and colours to choose from.


For the dogs that loves to chew their bedding we have a range of oval style beds made from plastic, we have oval cushions to fit the beds that is made from several types of material, but if you fancy a bit of comfort why not try a fleece blanket.


Not forgetting the cats out there we have a range of hooded beds that they can snuggle up in and hide away, of for those that like a bit of warmth on the cold night why not try a bed that fits onto a radiator. Also we have over 6 different types of cat litter are available, for those who cats and kittens who don’t want to brave the cold and rain outside when they get the call of nature, these can be used in standard trays or hooded ones. Some of the brands we stock are Pettex, So-Kleen, Catsan, Thomas, Yesterdays News, Celect Litter, and Worlds Best.


Leather and nylon dog collars in sizes starting at around 8”going up to around 30” can be found in the shop, colours including, black, tan, red, blue, pink, lilac and various pattered designs.  Rope leads and long line leads also, Nylon harnesses, car harnesses, anti pull harnesses, muzzles and halti head collars are available to.


If you fancy spoiling your pets we sell many types of toys for both cats and dogs. From the tiniest of puppies who want something soft and cuddly to the biggest dog who likes to chew, there is bound to be something here.  Some types of toys we carry are Nylabone, Pet love, Kongs, Mikki, rubber, vinyl and latex. Not leaving out the cats we have furry mice, bouncing foam balls, feathery wands and many weird and wonderful catnip filled delights.


Poorly pets are also catered for as we have a range of general medicines to help make them feel better. There are vitamins, puppy milk, wee wee pads, wormers, flea treatments for both the animal and the home, skin creams and oils, calmers and soothers. Toothpaste and brushes, wee wee pads, bandages, and lots of shampoos and sprays to keep them smelling and looking lovely.


Last but no means least we have many types of cat and dog food in store, we stock brands such as Barking Heads, Burns, Skinners, Harringtons, Symply,Wagg, Green Dog, Burgess, James Wellbeloved, Beta, Chappie, Iams, Royal Canin, Hills, Applaws, Felix and Go Cat. If you feel like treating your dog then why not try some of the delights that we keep, including rawhide bones, pigs ears and snouts, chicken feet, all types natural treats, jumbones and dental sticks to name just a few. We have a range of sensitive skin and stomach treats, and low fat ones for those dogs that have already had too many treats.