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Fishing Baits

Over the past few years we have been adding lots of different products with a range of ingredients that are suitable for making ground baits. These include white,brown and red bread crumbs, maize and fish meals, 2 sizes of hemp seed, also crushed hemp and pellets, tiger nuts, maples and tares, chick peas, bloodworm pellets, green lip pellets, scopex pellets to name a few.


We stock the Crafty Catcher brand of boillies, hook baits and oils, wafters, and pop ups. Along with liquid molasses, tiger nut flour, hemp oil, betaine powder, ready mixed ground bait for catching specific fish, prepared hemp, mixed particles and not forgetting good old Vitalin.


We also now have in stock some of the Cotswold Bait Creations baits, liquids, techipops and boillies. Ground baits include Big Fish, which is for catching large Carp, Tench and Bream, Big Bream for catching large Bream, and Big Roach for catching large Roach. The Liquids come in Tuna Chunks, Krill, Chopped Mussel, Bloodworm and Crab Flesh varieties.  We have PVA freindly particles called Parti-Animals, they come in Hot Hemp and Bloodworm, Hemp and Chopped Mussel, Spicy Maize and Tuna and Chilli and Maize mixes. The Technipops we sell are Greenlip Mussel, Squid and Octopus, Tutti Fruitti, and Pinapple flavoured.


Skretting sinking Trout and Halibut pellets are available to buy in 1kg, 3kg, 6kg bags and 25kg bulk sacks. The pellets come in 7 different sizes starting at 2.3mm going right up to a 17mm halibut pellet. Also we now stock hair rig hookers in 13mm and 17mm.

We also carry in stock a range of fishing equipment such as hooks, hair rig hooks, section boxes, wagglers, bubble floats, PVA canisters and bags, forceps, spod feeders, catapults, bullet weights, open ended feeders and cantilever boxes.


Fish Foods

For those who want to feed the fish and not catch them we keep many types of pond fish food. Whether you want special Koi diets or just general pond fish food we have the lot. The feeds range from mixed flake food, several sizes of pellets, mixed sticks and pellets, or just fish food sticks on their own. Now in stock for winter are wheatgerm sticks for all pond fish.


Brands that we stock include Tetra, Pettex, Kockney Koi, and King British.




Live foods such as crickets, locusts, and meals worms are already available to buy from us along with frozen pinkies, fuzzies, hoppers and small, medium, large and extra large mice, and now weaner rats.


We have increased our reptile range of accessories to include a large selection of day and night spot bulbs, UV strip lights, resin and wooden hides, dishes, artificial plants, calci sand, beech chips, moist bark substrate habistat heat controllers, heat mats, tweezers, vitamin supplements, bug balls, and dried prepared diets for bearded dragons and tortoises. We also have plug in and go vivariums in store.