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Wild Birds

For those among you that don’t have any animals in your home but like to look after the wild ones we believe that we are one of the best wild bird food and accessory suppliers in Kent with hundreds of of products in store.


Peanuts come as whole, split or crushed, we have black sunflowers, striped and sunflower hearts. Seed mixes include Economy, Superior, Premium, high energy, all seasons, no mess mixes, Robin and songbird mixes, blackbird, blue tit, and a fruit and nut mixture. All available in 1k g, 3kg, 6kg bags, or bulk sacks.


Mixed suet pellets can be weighed out of the bag, dried meal worms come in 100g bags right up to 1kg bags.


We have fat balls that are sold singly, packs of 6, packs of 25, boxes or tubs of 50, and boxes of 100. We also keep in store many different flavours of suet blocks.


Our selection of bird feeders range from plastic feeders for seed or nuts, which come many different  makes and sizes, we have metal ones again they come in around 3 different sizes. We keep feeders for fat ball, suet blocks, special Niger seed feeder, also a range of squirrel proof feeders.  Along with stocking the feeders we have accessories to go with the including garden pole sets, seed trays, cleaning brushes, feeder hooks and nest boxes, and comple garden feeding sets.


Small Animals

Now for your little pets, who live in cages or hutches we have over 15 different mixes of food for you to choose from including mixtures for hamsters, rats & chinchillas, also special guinea pig mixes and pellets and many rabbit mixtures and pellets. Available to buy loose from the sack or in pre packed bags and bulk. Some of the brands we stock are Supreme, Belvedere, Burgess and Wagg.


We keep a good selection of outdoor wooden hutches and runs. These come in lots of shapes and sizes from one storey hutches right up to a 3 storey hutch. Hutches come either flat packed or ready built depending on the make and model.A large selection of indoor cages suitable for keeping your rabbit, guinea pig, or hamsters etc are also available in store.


We sell small animal bedding including hay, straw, and wood shavings which come in many sizes and a few different makes. Also a varied selection of treats and toys.


Our Cage bird range of foods is continuing to grow with over 7 different types of parrot mixes, and over 10 different budgie, canary and cockatiel and parakeet foods. Not forgetting the chickens we have chicken runs and houses, mixed corn, layers pellets and mash, oyster shell, dried mealworms, and a range of vitamins and supplements.