Fishing Baits

We now stock a large range of fishing baits. Which includes 9 different sizes of sinking trout and halibut pellets, we also sell boilies (shelf life & frozen), pop ups, liquids, crab pellets, ground baits, hook baits and quality fresh maggots.

We have hemp, maize, breadcrumbs, tiger nuts, method mixes, ready prepared ground baits, robin red powder and liquid, spod mixes, fish meal and lots more ingredients for you to make the perfect fishing bait.

Over the past few years we have been adding different ranges and products, we now sell CC Moore, Pallatrax, Crafty Catcher, Sonu Baits, Mainline Baits, Rod Hutchinson, Donald Cooke, Bait-tech and Copdock Angling.

We also carry in stock selection of fishing equipment such as rods, reels, line, hooks, hair rigs, floats, bubble floats, PVA canisters and bags, scales, bait boxes, camo bait buckets, spod feeders, bullet weights, and inline weights.

Pond Fish Foods

For those who want to feed the fish and not catch them we keep many types of pond fish food. Whether you want a special Koi diet or just general pond fish food we have the lot. The foods range from mixed flake food, several sizes of pellets, mixed sticks & pellets, growth pellets, fish sticks, and wheatgerm food for the winter.